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Dave Asprey – Unlocking the Secrets of Water Energy, Frequency & Vibration – Mario Brainovic

Dr. Mindy Pelz – What You Need to Know About Water

Ashley James – Powerful Anti-Aging Cellular Rejuvenation Through Drinking Structured Coherent Water

Dr. John Douillard – Aǹalemma Water with CEO Mario Brainović

Almost 30 Podcast –
Transform Your Water, Transform Your Life: The How and Why of Coherent H2O

Ashley James – Powerful Anti-Aging Cellular Rejuvenation Through Drinking Structured Coherent Water

Sarah Kleiner – The Benefits of Structured Water, Common Side-Effects, and How It Works In The Body

Beyond Hydration: Structured Water to Heal People, Luke Storey – Animals, Plants & Soil w/ Mario Brainovic

Melanie Avalon: Structured Water, Analemma, GlycanAge Testing, Water Pollution, Brain Health, Anti-Aging, EMF Damage, And More

Kyle Kingsburry – The Many Applications of Structured Water w/ Mario at Analemma

Dave Asprey – Calm the Chaos, Then Drink the Water – Analemma

Nathalie Niddam – Why Structured Water Matters for Health in Humans, Plants & Animals

Emma Dunwoody – How to Bring Your Water Back to Life with Analemma

Sean McCormick – The immense power of coherent water with Mario Brainovic from Analemma Water

Matt Blackburn – Make Water Coherent Again with Analemma with Eric Laarakker and Mario Brainovic

Luke Storey – How To Transform Your Drinking Water Into a Healing Liquid Crystalline Elixir w/ Analemma

Sarah Kleiner – Anti aging & better brain function by changing your water? The irrefutable science of structured water with Dolf Zantinge & Mario Brainovic

Amy Fournier – The Molecular Coherence Of The Fountain Of Youth: Aligning With Nature Cycles, Subtle Energies And Divine Forces With Dolf Zantinge’s Analemma Water

Eliza Gellman – Water Is Life. H20 and the Science Behind the revolutionary way to drink your water, with Analemma

Dr Eric Laarakker & Dolf Zantinge | The Benefits Of Structured Water And Why You Should Be Drinking It

Alec Zeck – Analemma: Coherent Water

Conversations with Dr. Cowan

#40 Twaalf jaar jonger door ‘coherent’ water – Analemma Water & Dr. Eric Laarakker

Lucas Aoun – Healing Water You’ve Never Tried Before: Analemma Water

Nick Urban – Reverse Biological Age, Boost Brain Performance, & Uplift Energy With Analemma Water | Mario Brainovic

Paul Check – Living 4D

Raised by giants


Dr. Ingemar Blaas

Cardiovascular Perfusionist and Clinical Psychologist, dr. Ariana Padron

This water is a blessing, and it is our mission to introduce the importance of coherent water to as many people as possible.

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