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Water – The Essence of Life

Aǹalemma is a revolutionary tool that powerfully enhances the properties, quality and the effects of drinking water by transforming it into a coherent, liquid crystalline state.
In regular water, H2O molecules move in a chaotic and irregular manner. Aǹalemma radically changes the state of water by rearranging the H2O molecules into a liquid crystalline structure. That structure, and its stability, has a remarkable influence on all living things

Benefits of Aǹalemma

It all begins with water

Almost two decades ago, a dedicated team of international scientists came together with a single mission – to uncover the secret of Life.
First they looked at light as a subject, and after years of meticulous scientific research, the findings on light led them toward the missing link – and a key player in the creation of Life.
They realised that the answer lies in Water.

99% Of Your Molecules Are Water

Your body is 70% water in mass, but 99% in molecules.
Nearly everything that happens in your body is affected by water in a profound way.
This is why the quality of the water you drink has an extraordinarily powerful influence on your overall health and well-being.

Transform your water with Aǹalemma

Inspired by the powerful cycles of nature, our scientists designed Aǹalemma, a tool that transforms regular water into its super-charged, full spectrum, coherent state.
In normal water, H2O molecules in water move in a highly chaotic way. By applying Aǹalemma to the water, the molecules start forming a liquid crystalline structure. They start linking together and behaving harmonically.
Through that unique process, water becomes energized, coherent and alive.

Boost your cellular energy

An independent double blind, placebo controlled randomized clinical study showed that consuming Aǹalemma water for only two months significantly increases human ATP levels.
ATP is the primary energy currency of cells in the human body. It is responsible for powering the majority of cellular processes, including muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and biochemical reactions. When ATP levels in cells increase significantly, it leads to a variety of positive health effects, most notably, improved energy and endurance.

Rejuvenate your body and mind

Consuming Aǹalemma water for only three months caused an incredible 1-12 years of biological age reversal, as shown by a recent GlycanAge study.
Aǹalemma rejuvenates your immune system, promotes anti-inflammatory functions and primes your body for a life of strong health and resilience.

Support your Microbiome

Your body is a rich and powerful ecosystem. Trillions of microorganisms lining your gut directly influence your mood, immunity and general well-being.
A recent double blind, placebo controlled clinical study showed that daily consumption of Aǹalemma water significantly enhances gut health by increasing the quality of the microbiome.
Enhancing the quality of the microbiome can have a variety of health benefits, including: Improved digestion and nutrient absorption, reduced inflammation, improved immune function, improved mental health, better skin health, proper weight management and reduced risk of allergies and autoimmune disorders.

Quick, Easy & Healthy

With Aǹalemma Tube, supercharge your water to make it healthy, stable and full of energy.
Portable, can be used at home and during travel
User-friendly, loved by our users
Can be used in water bottles, or any containers for drinking
Safe and Clean to use

” If you are alive, you should be drinking this water – it’s as simple as that. “

Other benefits of Aǹalemma

Analemma Water is supporting the Living Peace Projects

The sources of fresh water on Earth are becoming scarce, and the access to fresh water is becoming a growing issue for the global population.
The Living Peace Projects is a community of spiritual leaders, ambassadors and water specialists united in their mission to change the way different communities access clean drinking water.
Through different educational projects, they are raising awareness of the importance of accessible fresh water sources. The core mission of the Living Peace Projects is to enable access to clean water for everyone.
Analemma Water fully supports this noble cause, and you can also become a supporter by purchasing a Living Peace Jewel! Each Jewel drop contains water mixed from 10 sacred springs. The water was also blessed in a special ceremony at the ‘Water for Life’ Conference in 2020, and was also made coherent using the Analemma device!

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