Drinking Water

Aǹalemma water is ideal for drinking, as the water is in tune with vital systems. It literally adds years to your life. It not only slows down the ageing process, it actually reverses it!

Remarkable effects on overall health

Long term quality of life, reverse your aging process

Users describe the water as “feeling alive”

Use of full spectrum coherent water treatment for drinking water lends itself to a number of applications, from portable water treatment to bottled water to usage in industrial bottling plants and water installations for public use.


Use of full spectrum coherent water in agriculture could bring substantial positive effects on plants, seeds and soil, bringing enhanced nutritional benefit.

Holds 20-30% more energy

Stronger immunity of plants against diseases

Leads to water conservation

Besides food crops, coherent water also holds benefits to other commodity crops such as cotton.

Environmental Uses

Remidation of Water Bodies

Soil Regeneration

Industrial Applications

Use of full spectrum coherent water in construction materials such as cement mortar and bricks leads to lower water consumption.
Our research shows that the water demand reduces, with no reduction in strength properties. This holds the potential to bring substantial benefits to all water intensive industries.
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