About Us

Aǹalemma full spectrum coherent water has been developed by Water and Light Applications, a company headquartered in Netherlands.

The company’s origins date back to the year 2005 when our founders started discussing various topics related to health and wellbeing on the planet. This led to the understanding of water’s criticality in life; both for its amazing properties and for the role it plays in sustaining life on earth.

We understand Water

Aǹalemma coherent water technology is backed by 15+ years of intense research and experiments. Our technology restores water to a state where it is in harmony with the essential forces of nature.

Our vision is to restore all the water on this planet to its natural & coherent state

We work towards realising this vision by creating innovative products suited to multiple applications and user segments. Alongside bringing coherent water into individual lives, we are committed to supporting public projects that will allow the adoption of full spectrum coherent water in plural lives, across all sections of culture and society. We believe in making health an essential component of life, not a luxury.

The Executive Team

Madhusudan Rajagopalan
Madhusudan is an entrepreneur with rich business and consulting experience. An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) and Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore), he started his career as a management consultant with Accenture Consulting, where he worked on a range of strategy and performance improvement engagements across a wide spectrum of industries. He then co-founded Aranca, a leading provider of research and analytical services to global clients across financial research, business research, intellectual property research and valuation advisory services. As the company’s COO, his role encompassed all aspects of building and managing a global knowledge services business.
Eric is a holistic veterinarian, researcher, educator and entrepreneur. Eric started his career as a veterinarian and soon realised that curing animals (and/or humans) required a much more holistic approach to treatment. After a deep study of several other energetic treatment methods, Eric went on to become the first in the Netherlands to be a veterinarian, acupuncturist and chiropractor. Besides his holistic veterinary practice Den Hoek, Eric is an educator and author, dedicated to spreading knowledge in the domains of holistic treatment. He is also active in the development of products and new treatment techniques.
Dr Eric Laarakker
Dolf Zantinge
Dolf is an entrepreneur with a background in fibre optics, telecommunication, artificial intelligence and data mining. Early in his career, he co-founded Syllogic, an international IT firm in the domains of AI, machine learning and database management systems. After Syllogic was acquired by Perot Systems, Dolf was European Director for the company. Later, he was the Director of IT at KPN, the largest Dutch telecom company. He founded and chaired UNET, one of the first fiber optics companies in Europe. From a tech-heavy career, Dolf’s career took an unusual turn when he pursued the study of Chinese medicine / acupuncture and delved into the impact of electromagnetic frequencies on biological systems.


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Mohanji - The Advisor

Mohanji has dedicated his life towards the earth and the service of all beings, with the conviction that the world should be a better place because we have lived here.
He has devoted over two decades to humanitarian work, inspiring a global movement of kindness and non-violence through many platforms, including Mohanji Foundation, Ammucare and ACT Foundation. Mohanji Foundation alone has an established presence on all continents, is registered in 18 countries, and has 7 dedicated Mohanji Centres of Benevolence across the world.
His philosophy, deeply rooted in the principle of ‘Ahimsa’ or non-violence, advocates for humanity as the highest form of religion, urging us to transcend our limitations and embrace our unique potential. Through his core teaching, ‘Be You’, he encourages authenticity and self-acceptance, leading by example in a journey from humankind to kind humans.
For more information on Mohanji, please visit https://www.mohanji.org