What our clients say

Tina Arya Testimonial

“The water tasted better, smoother, even a little bit sweet. Like the water tastes in a mountain spring, right at its original source”.

Jayeeta Chakraborty says

“This water quenches my thirst, earlier I used to drink 5-5 ltrs of water and still feel thirsty, and I started having water retention in my body. Within about 3 days, I started having less water and was much more satisfied”.

Sandeep Kulkarni says

“This coherent water is really making me feel energetic, my skin has become a little younger, I feel a little younger, it has reduced my hairfall. Especially when iam shooting in a hectic schedule or a late nights, I still feel energetic, and even if I shoo till late, the next morning I feel energetic”.

Radha Subramanian says

“As we all know, the essence of spirituality, mainly focuses on alignment. The alignment of mind and body. So our body mainly comprises of the water element. So Somarka Project, which is brought to us by a group of scientists and like minded people, focuses on the alignment aspect of water”.

Bojana Says

“So I have been using the Tube for about a year now, and I immediately when I got the Tube and I stirred the water. I could feel the difference in water, the water became more hydrating somehow. If you are really thirsty, you will feel that, with a little bit of amount of water, you are already satisfying your thirst, which is really amazing”.

Rithika Says

“I do notice that there is a change in the taste of the water, once the tube has been used. I also tried a few DIY experiments using plants.
And after seeing the plant, I do know there is a beneficial effect”.

Gargi Says

“I feel that the treated water keeps me hydrated and well balanced properly. I feel that the water is very light and soothing to the body, and it has helped me overcome my digestion problems that ive faced through my childhood”.


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