To test the impact of Aǹalemma water on human health, we undertook extremely precise and thoroughly researched scientific research: GlycanAge tests. GlycanAge reveals the age of your immune system. GlycanAge is the most accurate test of biological age and wellness available.
It can be a very useful tool to help assess your health and wellness.
GlycanAge team is the World leader in glyco-science. Their award-winning scientists are at the forefront of biochemistry and molecular biology.
They have studied ageing for over 20 years and published their findings in more than 120 scientific journals.

What are glycans?

Glycans are sugar molecules that surround and modify proteins in your body. They respond to your lifestyle choices and can accurately indicate your biological age.
Glycans have a large influence on your unique biology and are regulated almost equally by our genes on one side and environment and lifestyle choices on the other.

How do Glycans relate to health and aging?

Glycans play a vital role in keeping us healthy but are also involved in most major diseases. As we age, the balance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory glycans in our body changes.
Various inflammatory effectors like excessive or unsuitable diet or fitness regimen, hormone changes, surrounding environment, ethnic background, etc. can cause an imbalance and can speed up the process of ageing and increase the risk for many diseases.

How does GlycanAge determine biological Age?

GlycanAge determines your biological age by looking at the state of the glycans in your body.
GlycanAge analyses the glycans attached to the most common antibody in your blood, called Immunoglobulin G or IgG.

" Glycans are directly involved in the pathophysiology of every major disease…"

D. Walt — US National Academies, 2012

We took participants of both genders and various ages. They took the first GlycanAge test to create a base point. They then started drinking Aǹalemma water on a daily basis, at least one liter a day for three months, after which they took the second test. Participants of the study didn’t change any of their regular lifestyle routines. Everything stayed the same except the water they drank.

The results were astonishing!

All of the participants except one experienced 1-12 biological age reversal within only 3 months of drinking the water. They literally became years younger!

What’s interesting is that there were people whose first test revealed that they were a bit younger biologically than their chronological age (due to a healthy lifestyle) but even they experienced additional biological age reversal.

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