Dr. Eric Laarakker, DMV

Eric is a holistic veterinarian, researcher, educator, and entrepreneur.
He began his career as a veterinarian and soon realized that treating illness in animals (and/or humans) required a more holistic approach. After extensively studying various energetic treatment methods, Eric became the first veterinarian, acupuncturist, and chiropractor in the Netherlands. In addition to running his holistic veterinary practice, Den Hoek, Eric is committed to educating others and spreading knowledge about holistic treatment. He actively participates in product development and the exploration of new treatment techniques.

Eric’s interest in holistic approaches naturally led him to investigate the role of water in sustaining all life on Earth. Through intensive research and development, Eric and his business partner Dolf pioneered the creation of full-spectrum coherent water. He is deeply passionate about restoring all water on Earth to its natural state and enhancing the health of our biological systems.

Dolf Zantinge

Dolf is an entrepreneur with a diverse background in fiber optics, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, and data mining.
At the beginning of his career, he co-founded Syllogic, an international IT firm specializing in AI, machine learning, and database management systems. Following the acquisition of Syllogic by Perot Systems, Dolf held the position of European Director in the company. Later on, he served as the Director of IT at KPN, the largest Dutch telecommunications company. Furthermore, Dolf established and chaired UNET, which was one of the pioneering fiber optics companies in Europe.
Despite his tech-oriented career, Dolf took an unexpected path when he decided to study Chinese medicine and acupuncture. This led him to explore the influence of electromagnetic frequencies on biological systems. Intrigued by this subject, he conducted further research in photonics, physiology, light, and water. Joining forces with Eric, Dolf embarked on developing technology to produce full-spectrum coherent water and measure its beneficial effects on biological systems. He possesses a strong passion for offering holistic and natural solutions to mitigate the impact of electromagnetic radiation on our health and consciousness.
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