Aǹalemma significantly improves soil fertility

In 2021, we tested the effect of Aǹalemma water on soil fertility and microbiome using cherry tomato plants grown under different watering regimes. Cherry plants were grown in climate-controlled greenhouse conditions and watered with either Aǹalemma water or rainwater (control). After 4 months, we assessed the chemical composition of soil using standard laboratory testing.
Aǹalemma water treatment significantly affected chemical parameters related to the nitrogen cycle, reflecting a strong positive effect on soil fertility. For instance, Aǹalemma significantly increased parameters such as total nitrogen and nitrogen delivery capacity, which indicate increased fertility and productivity. On the other hand, Aǹalemma significantly decreased a parameter called the C/N value, which reflects higher mineralization rates. Aǹalemma is a potent addition to your plant care protocol.
By watering your plants with Aǹalemma water, you can enrich their environment, supplement them with essential minerals without the need for heavy fertilizers, and powerfully enhance their overall strength and vitality.

Aǹalemma boosts bacterial diversity

In the same study on cherry tomato plants, we assessed the bacterial diversity of soil treated with Aǹalemma water compared to control. Terrestrial plants are tightly linked to soil microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.

The importance of soil microbiome is highlighted by the fact that plants invest somewhere between 11 and 40% of their photosynthetically fixed carbon as well as 10–16% of their total nitrogen into compounds used by the microorganisms surrounding their roots. In turn, bacteria and fungi actively decompose organic matter, releasing nutrients and furthering plant growth.

Using next-generation sequencing, we assessed bacterial diversity of soil in which cherry tomatoes were grown using Aǹalemma water. Compared to control, Aǹalemma water significantly increased bacterial diversity of the soil.

Together with the essential role of nitrogen in increasing soil fertility, bacterial diversity is another indicator of a healthy and well-balanced soil able to support good plant health. Soil rich in bacteria has higher rates of mineralization, providing plants with ready-to-use nutrients crucial for their growth, development, production of fruits as well as defense against pathogens and environmental stress.

Aǹalemma water is beneficial not only for humans, but for plants as well. Ensure that your plants thrive with Aǹalemma!
Treating your plants with Aǹalemma water will create a highly nurturing environment, actively restoring the health and vitality of your leafy friends.
If you’re growing plants for fruit and vegetable harvest, all of the beneficial effects of Aǹalemma coherent water will return to you through healthy, fresh and revitalized produce.

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5G and plant research

A constant evolution of technology has created a world that is permanently and globally connected via Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G networks. A wider frequency range is required for a 5G network, which calls for an increase in the number of antennas and satellites used. Numerous studies explored how the frequency levels in technology affect our bodies. The scientists still remain divided. Some studies argue that 5G network is not harmful to the humans and the environment, while others suggest that a potential health risk needs to be considered, and that thorough future research is crucial for better understanding of the new technology created. Furthermore, some studies have shown that new network grids negatively influence the bacteria in the human body, which could pose major problems in the future, since the importance of bacteria in the human body is a well-recognized fact among the scientists.
Our team has conducted numerous studies which explore the role of 4G and 5G networks on our biological systems. Furthermore, we have conducted brain test via EEG to evaluate our thesis. Since a high percentage of the brain and the human body consist of water molecules, the experiments were also conducted on water. Air research was also included in the experiment.
Using specific sensors, we were able to measure the quality of a plant. A healthy plant has a certain amount of millivoltage and can respond to light and soil. When the plant is weakened, the energy levels go down appropriately. When the plant dies out, no energy levels are measured. Afterwards, we directed the 4G and 5G frequencies towards the rain water and measured certain properties using different sensors and spectroscopy. The results showed that when exposed to 4G and 5G frequencies, the energy levels of both the water and the plants drop.
The next step of the experiment was to make the rain water coherent. When exposed to 4G and 5G frequencies, the energy levels of coherent water also dropped, but stabilized much quicker when compared to the regular water stabilization time.
The water molecules comprise our DNA and our cell structure, and it is important to note that the molecules communicate with each other constantly, thus creating a system in which a perpetual exchange of information is taking place.

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Analemma Water Tube

It consists of an ultra-thin quartz crystal Tube filled with Mother Water, a highly dominant positive frequency water obtained through a 5-stage procedure spanning 365 days. When you swirl the Aǹalemma quartz crystal tube through regular water, its molecules mimic the Mother Water’s frequency and coherent structure. This seamless transfer of coherent structure is enabled by the very specific physical composition of quartz.


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