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We are almost entirely comprised of water. It is therefore absolutely essential that we consume an adequate quantity of water that nourishes us, heals us, and energizes us. However, the quality of the water we consume is of paramount importance too. In this blog, we explore the effects of drinking coherent water on the mind and body

What is coherent water?

Water in itself is a liquid crystal and such a structure can be observed in water that is naturally occurring – e.g. spring water in hills and mountains – and hasn’t been polluted or contaminated by human processes. In its natural state, water has a coherent or structured composition wherein the molecules are in sync with one another and move as one unit, thereby gaining energy with each movement. Picture a school of fish swimming in the ocean. They swim as one unit, without any loss of energy in their movements.
Chaotic states in water occur when water is exposed to negative energies or is filtered or other artificially processed. The coherence of water is lost and its energy-giving properties are lost too.Only when water is in its natural coherent state is it able to absorb electromagnetic frequencies and supply energy to all living systems – humans, animals, plants, and soil, that depend on it.
For example, did you know that our complete DNA string and every cell in our body are surrounded by water?
And if water can absorb electromagnetic fields from outside, then just imagine what kind of effect it could have on our DNA strings.
Hence, it is imperative to maintain the water on our planet in its natural coherent state.
And if water can absorb electromagnetic fields from outside, then just imagine what kind of effect it could have on our DNA strings.

Effects of coherent water on the mind and body

Our studies have revealed amazing benefits from drinking Aǹalemma coherent water, such as:

1. It slows down the aging process

Yes, you read that correctly. Drinking coherent water actually reverses the aging process!
This is based on precise and scientifically advanced tests called the GlycanAge tests. Learn more about these tests HERE.
The GlycanAge tests showed that 99% of the participants who were drinking coherent water consistently for 3 months experienced an astonishing 1-12 biological age reversal!

2. Harmonious synchronization of brainwaves

Our brain consists of two hemispheres, left & right. They work in tandem to support crucial functions such as memory, speech, and emotion. Maintaining an equilibrium between these hemispheres is important to stay clear of anxiety and mental illness.
Drinking Aǹalemma coherent water has positive effects on various parts of the brain. This can even be observed through the use of an Electroencephalogram or EEG, which measures electrical activity in the brain. EEG of test participants drinking structured water showed a significant calming effect of turbulent brainwave activity.

3. A deeper sense of clarity & connection

Since our entire being is about 99% composed of water at a molecular level, structured water to be specific, our ability to perceive and respond to the universe around us, has plenty to do with the water itself.
Hence, when we consume coherent water regularly, we are more conscious, more connected, and more aligned to the harmonic rhythms of nature.
Apart from the above effects, drinking Aǹalemma water has various other benefits for your overall health such as:
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved digestion
  • Sweeter taste
  • Improved immunity
  • Reduced anxiety
We are all seeking to improve our health and well-being through improving our nutrition, exercise, our mindsets, etc.
Aǹalemma Coherent Water Tube is a sleek, compact device that you can use to supercharge any water, anywhere, to make it coherent.
It is simple, all you do is swirl the tube that contains full spectrum coherent water, in a glass/bottle/any container of water, and in a few seconds, you’ve got coherent water! The tube can be reused without any need for refills or recharges for years!If you would like to get your own Aǹalemma, you can place your order HERE.
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