How is coherent water different from alkaline water?

Water is a molecular combination of hydrogen & oxygen (H 2 O). The pH of water tells us about how “acidic” or “alkaline” it is on a scale of 0 to 14. If pH falls below 7, it is considered acidic and alkaline if pH is above 7.
The overall pH of our body is slightly basic or alkaline and ranges between 7.34 – 7.45 and even a small change in the pH can have detrimental effects on our body. Pure water has a pH of 7 which is neutral or balanced while drinking water can have pH varying between 6.5- 8.5 based on the location and nutrients present in it.
Alkaline water has higher pH than normal drinking water and proponents believe that it helps to restore pH levels in our body and neutralises the acid in the bloodstream. This in turn, has several benefits such as increased energy and slow ageing.
Counting on similar and far better benefits, coherent water is very different from alkaline water. It doesn’t deal with the pH of the water hence it has no connection with alkaline or ionized water. Instead, coherent water deals with the alignment of water molecules in a certain “crystalline” fashion and the way it carries energy.
Coherent water is a super-charged, crystalline structured water which is in harmony with our biological systems and natural energy sources like the sun and moon. Hence, the coherent form of water carries greater energy in the form of complex molecular bonds, which is is critical to our well-being.
Coherent water has proven health advantages such as better brain-body synchronisation and reduced anxiety, increased power capacity, enhanced immunity and better digestion, slowing down biological ageing process and even shielding from electromagnetic radiations of phones and other devices.
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