UV water purifier

What is an UV water purifier?

UV water purifier purify the water by a method called disinfection. The UV rays that are used for disinfecting the water are highly effective at getting rid of any viruses or bacteria that might be present in the water.

How does a UV water purifier work?

A UV water purifier emits a germicidal wavelength of radiation that deactivates any living organism in the water. It exposes living organisms like bacteria, viruses, cysts, etc. to an ultraviolet wavelength that is germicidal. The wavelength scrambles the DNA of the living organisms leaving them unable to reproduce or multiply

Are Aǹalemma products compatible with UV water purifiers?

Yes. The Aǹalemma products are compatible with UV water purifiers. In fact, Aǹalemma products work well with any kind of purified water by converting the water to its natural coherent state and ensuring the water stays that way for long periods of time. To learn more about Aǹalemmaproducts, please visit our products page here.
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