Water: More significant than you think!

99% of your molecules are water

Water is the most indispensable and versatile liquid in this entire universe. Have you ever wondered how intricately water is associated with every aspect of our life? When we talk about our body, it is present in our brain, blood, saliva, urine, lungs, and even in our bones and muscles. We used to hear from our parents that most of our body is made up of water. Well, they were not wrong.
We are generally aware that the human body is made up of 60% of water in terms of body weight. An average man weighs around 70 kg, out of which 60% is water which is around 42 liters. This is almost equal to 3 buckets full of water or around 168 glasses of water but this amount changes slightly with changes in age and sex. In comparison, females, due to their higher body fat, contain less percentage of water (around 57%) than males. We are approximately 90% water by body weight during birth declining to 50-70% by death. Also, hydration levels i.e. how much water you drink, affect the amount of water in your body.

But did you know that water is much more significant than that? When you look at body composition in terms of molecules, water constitutes around 99% of our body molecules!! The table below illustrates this more clearly.

The table below illustrates this more clearly.

This fact shines a totally different light on the significance of water for our health. Water plays the most essential role in energy production and metabolism of the cell, and in delivering nutrients and removing toxins & unwanted minerals through sweat, sebum and urine. Information transfer using neural networks uses waterways for transmission, hormones use blood in which water is one of the major constituents. The brain and spinal cord are bathed in 99% water solution called the cerebrospinal fluid. Other organs such as lungs, the heart and other sensitive tissues are all covered by several layers of protection and fluid containing mainly water is filled in cavities between them. It also has an important role in maintaining temperature and balance (homeostasis).
From the smallest activity in your body like moving a finger to the vital systems such as the beating of the heart requires water. It is an incredible solvent that surrounds every molecule that enters or exits the cell. Even our genetic material inside the nucleus of the cell is surrounded by water. On average, our brain and kidneys consist of most of our body water (80-85%) while our teeth have a minimum concentration of 8-10%. Even our skeletal system needs water-based systems for lubricating and cushioning our joints. Thus, water is the most essential ingredient for our body.
Therefore, it goes without saying that the quality of water we drink determines the quality of life. The water in our body is mostly composed of structured water. Our approach to physiology, biology, electrochemical processes and of general health (or the lack of it) and ageing, all have to factor in this understanding of the salience of structured water in our body.

In this context, the role of full spectrum coherent water that is already in a liquid crystalline state becomes paramount. Coherent water, that is stable in this state, enhances the ability of water to support the vital function of communication of information across the body, and the connection with the cosmos outside.

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